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Business to Business

Buy • Sell • Trade
We are a business to business company that requires prospective buyers to be licensed and operating within the diamond, diamond jewelry, precious metals industry or any company that has in part in these markets.
Reyes Jewelry
Our Customers Include:

• Jewelry stores (independent and family owned)
• Precious metals vendors
• Coin dealers
• Bullion dealers
• Pawn shops
• Other wholesalers
• Precious metal refiners
• Jewelry stores (corporate with multiple locations)

We buy, sell and trade in Diamonds, Gold Jewelry 
and Precious Metals

Diamonds | Reyes Jewelry Diamonds
- GIA certified loose diamonds
- Diamond fashion jewelry
- Melee diamonds to the trade
- Diamond stud earrings in all sizes and quality
Reyes Jewelry Co. specializes in GIA Certified, Excellent cut, Round Brilliant and Fancy cut natural diamonds.  We carry round diamonds from melee to 5 carats as well as fancy yellows. We also carry Cushion, Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Oval, Marquise, Pear Shape, Heart Shape and matched pairs from 0.10 - 4.00 cts. We have matched pairs of small fancies such as Pear Shape, Oval and Emerald cut and more. We also have a great selection of studs from 0.10 - 4.00 carats total weight. Clarities from IF to I2, mostly VS and SI and colors from D to M.

You can always count on accurate description of your non-certified diamonds over the phone and we will gladly provide you with accurate measurements too. Color and Clarity? We call them the way we see them! Often, the diamond you want is already GIA certified.

We do not set a specific time limit for items on memo, 2-3 days is ideal, up to 7 days. We usually call you to confirm on the day that you received the product.

If you are interested in opening an account, simply fill out our credit application (click here) or register online.
Gold Jewelry | Reyes Jewelry Diamonds
Gold jewelry
10kt, 14kt, 18kt
- Gold chains
- Gold fashion earrings
- Custom made designs
- Latest trends 
Reyes Jewelry Co’s gold products custom fit the trends of the time. Currently, we carry gold chains such as diamond cut rope, box, wheat, various link styles and high polish and designed tube, hoop and fancy hollow earrings.

If you want something in precious metals, ask and ye shall find. Call Us Today (615) 661-6794
Precious Metals Trading
We buy, sell, trade in the following:
- Gold, silver, platinum scrap metals
- Silver platinum bullion
- Gold and silver coins
We continue as we have for three decades trading in scrap precious metals of all kinds.
We buy scrap gold, silver, platinum and palladium and all forms from scrap to mint stamped bars and coins.

We also sell coins and bullion. Most of our bullion and coins are sold immediately as we purchase them from our client. The Precious metals trade is a very active market and products move quickly and we are trading in the market every day.

If you want something in precious metals, ask and ye shall find.  Call Us Today (615) 661-6794
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